We are a group of expats living in South East Asia who have worked for many decades in the region and around the world. From Brazil, Colombia, USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, India, S.E. Asia, South Korea and China, our group has experienced many working environments - both on the field in technical roles and in the office in business roles.

Since the early 1980's when our first expat came from Europe to work in Malaysia, one by one our group of expats have come to be permanently based around S.E. Asia. Not all came directly from Europe or Australia. Some have worked in other countries around the work - from China, India and Latin Amercia before coming to settle here.

With experience both at the project sites in the region and globally to running local offices for foreign companies, our group has built up a wide range of experience and skills.

Because we live in the region, we can offer our services on a part time basis or contract basis. This gives foreign and local companies much more freedom to expand their image and foreign experience within their company on an as-need basis. They can manage their costs much more efficiently and we can spread our working experience to many companies instead of just one. 

The key to success in the region, or any country for that matter, is understanding the local culture where the office is based and understand the culture of the foreign company's country. With these understandings, doing business in a foreign country has the greatest chance of success. We like to call this Cultural Bridging. To understand more you can read our blog on Cultural Bridging here.

We have also brought in local legal experience into our company to help with the HR office management, government requirements and handling of other local aspects of a local company such as accountancy. With experience in setting up entities in Thailand and Malaysia, we can offer a cost effective and full One-Stop Solution to foreign companies wanting to create a presence in S.E. Asia with a proper Western image.

With our main company, TTT Expats, based in Bangkok, Thailand we are centrally based to be able to help companies throughout the S.E. Asia region. We have expats living in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia - all within easy access to International airports to fly anywhere.

Starred Blogs

Cultural Bridging

One of the biggest reasons for failure of a company to successfully penetrate a new country's market or to effectively find reliable and trustworthy suppliers from a foreign company is the breakdown in cultural understanding between the two companies. It is an often an overlooked aspect when the excitement of talking to new partners gains traction at the top management level.

Expats - Are you looking for a job ?

Are you an expat living in South East Asia ? Or do you want to move here ? Are you looking for part-time or contract work ? Or are you retired and looking to help the next generation of engineers and managers ? Then send today to us your resume, contact details and a brief description of what you would like to do !

JV and License Agreements

Having a working relationship between companies from different countries and cultures is always a challenge. Do you set up a joint venture or create a license agreement ? Here are some guidelines from our expats that have had experience in this field.