JV / License Management

If you have or are planning a License Agreement or Joint Venture, there are many areas you have to navigate to ensure that you achieve your goals and protect your IP. Our expats have decades of experience setting up and running joints ventures and license agreements in USA, Brazil, India, Thailand and China.

License Agreements are a preferred form of agreement where companies do not want to expose themselves to risks within a country. By licensing your technology or intellectual property within a strict framework agreement, the licensee will be able to advance quickly his local products while protecting you from the risks and exposure he tasks in doing so.

Making up a contract is only part of the story. Not only do you have ensure you protect yourself according to local conditions, you must also continue to work closely with the licensee to ensure that they are using your technology / IP properly and within the terms of the agreement.

Being locally based, we can help manage not only the initial license agreements discussions and legal framework, but also the management and oversight of the licence agreement. Our services can include;

  • Creation, discussion and consultancy on License Agreements
  • Networking with other companies to gain experience
  • Licensee Relationship Management
  • Oversight of License Agreement Management
  • Accounting Services for License Agreement
  • Technology / IP Protection consultancy / oversight

Joint Ventures are a more useful structure when companies not only want to share technology / IP but also want to be involved and profit from the sales and daily management of the new entity. There are more risks and exposures but ultimately more benefits that can be gained.

This requires significantly more resources as it is important to appoint your own personnel into key positions within the Joint Venture. Oversight becomes more important to ensure that the company does operate within the ethics and culture which satisfies the foreign company's requirements.

Being locally based, we can help consult the initial framework of a new Joint Venture as well as become involved within the organisation or help the oversight and technology / IP protection of the foreign company. Our services include;

  • Creation, discussion and consultancy on Joint Ventures
  • Networking with other companies to gain experience
  • JV Relationship Management
  • Oversight of JV Management
  • Technology / IP Protection consultancy / oversight


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JV and License Agreements

Having a working relationship between companies from different countries and cultures is always a challenge. Do you set up a joint venture or create a license agreement ? Here are some guidelines from our expats that have had experience in this field.