General Office Management

We can provide expats with office management experience in the region for setting up, training, coaching, support or leadership roles in your local organisation. With a good understanding of the local culture and how to handle HR and Office matters at a local level, we can reduce your risks in running your local office efficiently.

We can provide full time or part time expats that can help in either a supporting/consulting role or in a full leadership position. We provide a range of services to help you from HR management and recruitment, physically setting up an office in a location and doing the necessary renovations, creating and managing the accounting according to local regulations and general daily management.

If your setting up a new office in S.E. Asia, our expats can help you create a complete local organisation from scratch. Or if you have key personnel from your company to come over, we can work in a consulting role to help train your personnel as quickly as possible to become proficient with the local culture and requirements.

If you suddenly have a shortage of senior staff for whatever reasons, our expats can come on a part time or full time basis to help support your local organisation until you can find a suitable long term replacement.

Or if you want to train younger less experienced staff (both local or expats), we can provide training or coaching services from our senior expats who have a lot of experience of running offices and doing business in the region.

So whatever your reasons you can count on us to help support and promote your local presence in the region;

  • Part time or full time expats available
  • In a leadership or consulting / coaching role
  • HR Management and Recruitement
  • Setting up a new office - renting and renovations included
  • Managing the local accounting

The key to our success is not only strong technical knowledge but also strong experience and understanding in bridging cultural understanding on how to get things done correctly from both a Western understanding and an Asian understanding. Check out our blog on the subject "Bridging Cultural Understanding".

Starred Blogs

Cultural Bridging

One of the biggest reasons for failure of a company to successfully penetrate a new country's market or to effectively find reliable and trustworthy suppliers from a foreign company is the breakdown in cultural understanding between the two companies. It is an often an overlooked aspect when the excitement of talking to new partners gains traction at the top management level.

Expats - Are you looking for a job ?

Are you an expat living in South East Asia ? Or do you want to move here ? Are you looking for part-time or contract work ? Or are you retired and looking to help the next generation of engineers and managers ? Then send today to us your resume, contact details and a brief description of what you would like to do !

JV and License Agreements

Having a working relationship between companies from different countries and cultures is always a challenge. Do you set up a joint venture or create a license agreement ? Here are some guidelines from our expats that have had experience in this field.