Legal Entity

In Malaysia and Thailand we have the experience and resources to help companies setup their legal entity in the country. Within this entity, companies can then start to a number of activities (depending on the type of entity approved) and hire local personnel onto their payroll at local employment conditions.

From the initial proposal paperwork, government submissions and follow up procedures, we can not only help set up the initial legal entity, we can also help with the on-going requirements, such as office setup, HR recruitment, accountancy and financial setup. We also advise customers of changes to the law that may affect their current entity or advise of new opportunities that can benefit the current legal entity in the country.

There are many type of legal entities available for foreign companies to set up. It depends on considerations such as acceptable ownership structures, activities required on the local entity, speed of implementation required and taking opportunity of government or private promotion opportunities. Such entities could be;

  • Representative Office
  • Regional Office
  • Branch Office
  • Company (partial ownership)
  • Company (full ownership)
  • BOI setup

There are many more options and the right solution will be different for each foreign company.

Mail at to find out how we can support your expansion plans into the region.

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