Over the last three decades, we at TTT Expats have created a large network of reliable companies specialising in many different sectors. With this strong network, we have been able to create working partnerships to bring total solutions from project financing, design concepts through to manufacturing, installation & commissioning and after-sales service for the lifetime of your equipment.

We specialise in;

  • Oil & Gas fired Boilers, Thermal Oil Heaters, Hot Water and Hot Gas.
  • Biomass fired Boilers, Thermal Oil Heaters, Hot Water and Hot Gas.
  • Power Plants (Oil, Gas or biomass fired) up to 20 MWe
  • Installation and Operations of MDF, Particle Board and OSB panel factories
  • Design and Installation of buildings and factory structures
  • Design, programming and commissioning of PLC programming and SCADA
  • Commissioning of control systems, factory automation
  • Commissioning of fires - (Oil, gas, coal and many types of biomass)
  • Project Management, installation and commissioning of agricultural equipment (rice factories, palm oil factories, palm refiners, coffee manufacturing, sugar can factories, etc.)
  • After-sales service and support
  • Full Audits of existing factories, power plants, industrial boilers, etc.
  • Recommissioning and retuning services

Our two key partnerships - Getabec PLC in Thailand and Ma Hup Seng Engineering Sdn. Bdh. in Malaysia - brings a large variety of solutions to the industrial and power industries in South East Asia. Our key services include;

  • Total design performance management and guarantees (EPC, EPCC, BOOT, etc.)
  • Project management and Execution
  • Manufacturing (pressure parts, non-pressure parts, water tube boilers, fire tube boilers, conveyors, ducting, piping, buildings, structures, etc.)
  • Installation of factories and power plants (MDF, Biomass plants, sugar mills, palm oil mills, high pressure gas fired systems, etc.)
  • Upgrades to existing power plants, biomass fired systems, oil&gas fired systems, transport systems (belt, chain, pneumatic, etc.), etc.

Inquire at to learn more about how we can provide key services to your factories.

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Expats - Are you looking for a job ?

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JV and License Agreements

Having a working relationship between companies from different countries and cultures is always a challenge. Do you set up a joint venture or create a license agreement ? Here are some guidelines from our expats that have had experience in this field.